Despite the hoopla, this class produces serious results!  It weaves the 6 primal movement patterns into the mix, advocated by internationally renown fitness expert Paul Chek.   You'll squat, lunge, push, pull, bend and rotate your way into new levels of muscle tone, strength, agility, coordination and brain-power!  (Remember, high-intensity exercise feeds the brain more oxygen rich blood which supports your smarts!  All without opening a book! ) 

Besides sweating, you will find yourself smiling profusely as you and your hoop are lead through intervals.  Unlike other shoe-inspired workouts such as the "Bootcamp", at "HoopBoot", we go bare foot!  Meaning that you are supported to take care of your "Sole" and “Soul”, while working at a high intensity.  (or whatever intensity you choose)  You won't be booted for doing so.  


Get ready for an off-beat hooping adventure!  Creativity is applauded!


    Ages:  Ideal for ‘tweens through adults! 

    Musical choices:   will depend on the age of class participants.

    Length: run approx. 60-75 minutes. 

    Classes:  On-going    Drop-ins welcome.   DVD available.

    Discount: Parents who participate with their kids get a 20% discount on their class fee.

    Hooping:  prior experience not needed.  

HoopFit’s® HoopBootTM!:

In this class, your heart will pump, pump, pump as we make the hoop our exclusive playmate and workout partner!*   It is functional training at its quirkiest, as we super-size our creativity with the hoop!  Ideal for ‘tweens to adults, with ample energy to burn!

Julia Snyder Hoop Dancing
Julia Snyder of Hoopfit!®
Julia Snyder of Hoopfit® Workout!

Boot Camp with Your Hoop!

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