Fabulous Feats of Physical Fun Workshop for Families!

Inspired by my years of touring the globe with the Tweakster’s! 

Get ready to laugh and giggle, as you contort, fly, hoop, juggle, balance and wiggle!!!!   Family members take part in a fabulously fun mix of creative movement, dexterity challenges, team acrobatics, and team conditioning exercises, using each other and some of the props from the Tweaksters show. (www.Tweaksters.com

The Tweaksters have found that when people move their bodies together, their hearts move together as well.   Consequently, this workshop is designed to support family members in teaming up to challenge their physical prowess and creative imaginations in a joyful, light-hearted atmosphere,  which encourages:  


  1. 1. creative play

  2. 2. a mastery of tricks you can take home and do with your family!

  3. 3. collaboration, cooperation and teamwork!

  4. 4. leading with your “best-most loving-wise-charming-talented-self”.

  5. 5. improved body awareness

  6. 6. heightened sensitivity to self and others

  7. 7. healthy--transparent communication about one’s feelings

  8. 8. empathic “if I were in their shoes” thinking

  9. 9. possibility thinking:  “how can we do this” vs “can we do this?”

  10. 10. “safe risk-taking” which leads to growth, empowerment, and trust

  11. 11.  oneness--applauding everyone’s victories.

  12. 12.  pure enjoyment of self and others!

  13. 13.  A LOVE FOR PHYSICAL FUN!!!!!

We have found that it does not matter if you are a child, a parent or a grandparent---BEING IN SHAPE IS A LOT OF FUN!!!!.  The more shapes you can make with your body the more fun you will have, so let’s join together and learn new Fabulous Feats!!!! 


Age:  5 to 105!  (kids under 12 must be accompanied by a participating adult or older sibling)

Length:  1.5 hours.

Clothes:  loose fitting, exercise clothes, no shoes needed.

Julia Snyder of The Tweaksters

Family Fun Fitness Workshop

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