Whirl your way back to your calm and peaceful center while enjoying the glorious outdoors!  Utilizing the hoop in graceful ways, we will coordinate your breath with your movement, in a yoga-esseque type of workout, that will leave you tingling.  When the breath becomes the center point of the practice, every system in your body takes notes;  your brain gets a boost, your blood pressure settles, your digestion improves, your hormones balance, even old injuries get the stimulus to heal.

We’ll close by targeting key areas of your body to release fascia restrictions with the use of therapy balls.  It is all designed to improve your range of motion and enhance your ALIVENESS! 

No hooping experience necessary.

    Ages:  “tweens through adults

    Equipment:  bring your own yoga mat, yoga block, towel and water.  (If you own your own yoga therapy balls bring those too)

    Length:  run approx. 75 minutes. 

    Classes: classes taught in 6 week series.   Drop-ins welcome.

Hoopfit’s® Holy HoopingTM!

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