Let the music move you and let the energy groove you.  No need to worry about making your body dizzy, a solid cardiovascular warm up is provided as well as a relaxing yoga cool down.   I’ve got you covered.   

In the Beginning Series, you will learn over 20 tricks giving you a super-hooper foundation:

*  waist, hip, shoulder, neck, chest and thigh hooping.

  1. * “on body” moves such as:  the 360 spin, the hand-off, hand-off corkscrews,

  2. * transition moves such:  passing, the swoop, halos, floating, and corkscrews.

  3. * elements of hand-hooping may also be infused into the mix to really wake up your brain!

  4. * and more!

In the Intermediate Series, the dance continues as flashier moves take center stage such as: 

*upper-body moves done at forward and backward angles:  neck, chest, shoulder

*”off-body” moves:  vertical halos, vertical step-throughs, vertical weaves and jumps,twist pass, one-hand toss, hand-off tossing,

*”on-body” moves:  double dip, undulations, arm weaving, duck-outs,  the full spiral,

*more hand-hooping to challenge your smarts and boost your creativity!

*and more!

    Ages:  ideal for ‘tweens to adults. 

    Musical choices include:  dance, house, electronic,  hip-hop, rap, world

    Classes: length varies depending on location: 60 - 90  minutes. 

    Length:  Taught in a series. 4wk, 6wk, 8wk.  Drop-ins welcome.

HoopFit’s®  HoopDance!:

If you are the type that could go to the disco every night of the week, then give HoopFit’s® HoopDance a chance.   It's 360 degrees of hoop dancing FUN!   It also will super-charge your aerobic fitness, coordination and agility as your learn the core tricks that is making this new fitness phenomenon spread across the globe.  ( You may even find your pants fitting looser! )

HoopDance Class

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