Hoopfit® Workout Show off Core!

Like a perfect circle, The Hoopfit® Workout is complete.   It is a full body workout, for people of all ages.  You will break a healthy sweat as you use the hoop to work multiple muscles group at the same time.   The workout contains one of the key ingredients to weight loss--high intensity exercises designed to build muscle.  As you do, watch the pounds melt away, to reveal a beautifully sculptured body, including a show-off core!

Yet, in today's high-stress-caffeinated-environment, too much high-intensity exercise can tax your nervous system.  No problem, since the hoop makes a very versatile workout partner.   It does a super job of revving you up, as well as returning you back to your calm center. 

In between, the Hoopfit® workout will improve your agility, fluidity and coordination as you learn the hippest new hoop-dance moves!   It’s a kick, learning these tricks!  Your sense of self will improve, as you get out and move!   Whirl away the stresses of the day, as you spin yourself dizzy!   Learn to collaborate and cooperate with the hoop, improving your receptivity and partnership skills.   Increase your smarts, as you flirt with becoming ambidextrous.   Befriend your body, not because of what it looks like, but because of how wondrous it feels to move it!   Express yourself, all 360 degrees of your personality, as the music grooves you!   The Hoopfit® Workout is not just about moving, but about being moved!


Julia Snyder M.A.


The Hoopfit® Workout is 360 degrees of hoop dancing FUN!  After all, what is the point of a fitness program if it does not lighten you up?  Not just your hips, but also your heart?  Each rotation of the hula-hoop-like dance hoop will encircle you in a vortex of FUN, super-charging your inner-energy!

What is the Hoopfit Workout?

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