Dance Hoops are available in a rainbow of colors,

designs and sizes for use and for purchase at class.

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Hoopfit® presents 4 classes & 1 workshop:

If you are the type that could go to the disco every night of the week, then give HoopFit’s®- HoopDance a chance.   Learn the core tricks that are making this new fitness phenomenon spread across the more....

Ladies!  Have even more fun, getting your best body ever!  For those of you ready to shed the pounds, as your hoop whirls around, this class is a must!  Inspired by my years working as a personal trainer, this class is designed more....

Ideal for ‘tweens on up, with ample energy to burn!  This class, is functional training at its quirkiest!  Your heart will pump, pump, pump as we make the hoop our exclusive playmate and workout partner!    Despite the hoopla, this class produces serious results! more......


Fear falling no more!  This class is designed to address one of the most pressing events that can disrupt the life of seniors-- falling.

Free Intro Class during 2017!

Why hoopdance? Hooping-for-exercise-weight-lose.htmlHooping-for-exercise-weight-lose.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1

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