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Physical activity has been a source of joy and upliftment for me my entire life.  I spent my childhood riding horses, dancing in a tutu, doing back-flips at gymnastics, and getting my butt kicked on the University of Washington's track and cross-country teams.    

For almost two decades I have worked as a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and wellness coach.  The challenges I have encountered along the way inspire me to keep broadening my base: 
	* MA Spiritual Psychology 
	* ACSM & ACE Certified Personal Trainer
	* Chek Exercise Coach
	* Wellness Coach
	* Power Yoga Certified Instructor
          * Hoopnotica Certified Hoop Instructor L3

I truly believe that "we must become what we wish to teach."  In effect, as I nurture my client's heart-felt dreams, I spend time nurturing my own.   This seems to be paying off for me.   I was honored by Shape Magazine as one of their reader fitness models of the year, after writing an essay about my athletic philosophy.  I also found my efforts rewarded as I qualified for the nationals in the Miss Fitness competition, first time out. 

Yet, my athleticism took on richer meaning when I began to use it as a means of artistic expression.  I have been fortunate enough to do so in a physically demanding variety show called the Tweaksters. The show integrates acrobatic dance and artistic juggling in a crazy-cool performance designed to tweak and delight audiences of all ages!  It also aims to convince people that being in shape is a lot of fun....too much fun to miss out on---so be active!!!   It has been thrilling to tour all over the U.S with it, as well as play in India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Dubai, and Honduras!  

The show incorporates over eighteen different props, the HOOP being one of them!   Over the years, it has become one of my favorite playmates and workout partners!  

I can't wait to share hooping with you!

(and juggling if you’ll take me up on it!)


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