Exercises of this nature have two key characteristics: they either direct you to cross your limbs over the midline of your body, or direct you to move your limbs at the same time, on opposite sides of your body.  ( The eyes also move in various paths as the limbs move.)

Hand-hooping includes both of these movement patterns, plus more!!!  The mini hoops require you to take full command of your left and your right hands working them independently and in sync of each other, throughout multiple planes of movement.   As you do so you are stimulating both hemispheres of your brain to work together.   As a result, you can instantly access more logic and more creativity!

I became sold on hand-hooping after two concentrated weeks of practice.   Prior to starting,  I had spent  three frustrating years trying to master a five-ball juggle.  After two weeks of hand-hooping I picked up the balls, to experience significant gains!   My left hand finally began to cooperate!!!   Now, I turn to hand-hooping to help me warm-up before taking the stage.   I consider them a form of "cross training for the brain!"   My sense is that people of all ages can benefit from this art-form. 

Hand hooping Mini hoops Hoopfit®
After a few minutes of practice, you may immediately know they are at work!  The endurance fibers in your arms, shoulders, and upper-back may begin to grow weary.  Take that as a good sign, since some of those muscles pull your shoulder-girdle back into upright- good posture.  You might also notice that these colorful rings make your heart sing...very quickly!   This is because your heart encounters more resistance pumping blood through the smaller vessels in your arms, then in your legs.   To succeed, it must work harder.   Hoop-hoop hooray-- another fun way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, without getting on a treadmill! 
(So when it comes to choosing your “mini’s”, don’t go too mini!)


Hand Hooping Mini hoops Hoopfit®
THE HOOPS might be small, but their benefits are mighty!

1.   Hand hooping primarily conditions the muscles of the upper body.  

2.  While they work your body out, they also work your brain out!

Brain Gym, a leader in the field of educational kinesiology,  explains this dynamic further:  "Movement develops the brain!  It is the door to learning.“  In effect, to boost your learning power, turn toward brain-compatible exercises! 

3. Hand hooping feels glorious! 

Once I master a new move, the whole-body--whole brain experience energizes my whole-being! 

My creativity gets a huge boost, after I take the hoops out for a whirl.  

Plus, being able to express myself through the hoops is cleansing,

rejuvenating and a pure blast! 

The day's stress melts away as I dance to the beat,

moving my feet, with my hands-a-hooping. 

I often find myself smiling for hours afterwards,

as energy swirls inside my body!

Don't be shy.  Give them a try! 

They can be a terrific natural high! 

Plus they're condition your body as they condition your brain,

enabling you to access more logic and creativity

all within one swoop of the hoop!


Strengthen Your Mind and Body

Hand hooping with mini’s!


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