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Whirl your Life into an Upward Spiral 
with Wellness Coaching!

What does Peak Wellness Look Like for You?

*Fit and strong!    

*At your ideal weight!     

*Healthy eating!       

*High energy!     

*Deep Sleep!      

*Free of Addictions!      

*Robust health!

*Efficiently recover from an illness or injury!

*Move with grace and ease through loss!

*Calm and balanced under stress!                        

*Creative juices are fired up and flowing!                                                                                        

*Positive and optimistic state of mind!       

*Fully engaged and satisfied with life!

What’s the difference between wellness coaching and personal training?

A personal trainer takes your body through a workout.  

A wellness coach takes your heart and mind.....!

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness (wel’nes) being healthy in body and mind.

Coach (kohch)  Your collaborative & co-creative partner in reaching peak wellness! 

“Coaching is the process of bringing out the greatness of people! 

Dave Buck, The Language of Coaching, 2004

Coaching is “the art of creating an environment, through conversation and a way of being, that facilitates the process

by which a person can move toward desired goals in a fulfilling manner.”

...Tim Halloway, The Inner Game of Work, 2000, p 177

Wellness coaches are practitioners and life-long students of a vibrant new field:  coaching psychology, which integrates more then fifteen other fields.  Coaching psychology, in part, is the relational vehicle for implementing the tenets of positive psychology, a field focused on the scientific study of happiness and well-being!  In addition to positive psychology, Julia may also weave spiritual psychology, body intelligence , health and lifestyle coaching

and conscious loving theories into the mix. 

What to Expect from Coaching!

Wellness coaching is very much a client-driven relationship. 

The content and style of sessions vary widely depending on clients’ particular goals. Sessions can be done individually or in groups…can be conducted in person, over the phone or via the video-chat program Skype…and generally last 30 to 60 minutes. 

The first session is spent introducing you to the process.  (60min)

The second is spent clarifying your vision statement, setting 3-month goals, & 1st week goals. (60min)

Ideally, over the next 3 months, we touch base on a weekly bases, during a 35-45 minute goal review. 

A 3 month time-frame is close enough to provide a sense of urgency yet long enough to implement significant change. 

A Wellness Coach’s Role is to help you

  1. *Create a personalized plan for meeting your health goals, whether those goals have to do with your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual well-being.

* Recognize and shift the behaviors, beliefs and  emotions that have been blocking your success or your readiness to change.

* Break your goals into manageable steps and track measurable progress.

*Learn specific strategies (for instance, how to interpret food labels, carve out time for exercise or establish a sleep-enhancing bedtime routine)

* Communicate more openly with your doctors and other health-care providers.