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The Hoopfit® Workout is conducted in a playful atmosphere which invites frivolous-fashion-fun!   So feel free to express your fashionista!  Just keep a few things in mind:   YOU WILL BE BENDING OVER FREQUENTLY! and THE HOOPS ARE VERY FASHION FINICKY!

Dance hoops LIKE:  BARE SKIN!, SWEAT, tight clothes, shorts, cotton leggings, yoga pants, cotton socks, sleeveless--crop--sports tops---all made of natural fibers.  (a hint of lycra can be o.k.)

Dance hoops DISLIKE:  over-sized clothes, tight jeans, slippery tights and tops made of synthetic fibers such as lycra, rayon, or nylon, zippers, buttons, hoods, too much hair (put it up in a pony tail, bun or braid!). 

I honestly try to spend as little time as possible looking in the mirror.

Instead, I try to remain focused inside on a mission to discover even more ways to uplift and delight myself,

which often involves engaging in physical fun! 

But, my love for costumes inspires me to break loose every

once in a while!  Invite you to do the same.

What do I wear to class?